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General information and contacts

Telephone: +39 0158551110
The office (ground floor in the university building- G. Pella 2b Biella) is open:
from Monday to Friday 9:00am-12:00pm
from Tuesday to Thursday 2:30pm-4:00pm

Internship in Organizations and Companies

The curricular internship is a period of training in organizations and companies.
The activity carried out must be in coherence with the attended degree.
The curricular internship experiences lasts 75 hours corresponding to 3 credits (ECTS) and can be attended in the second year.
(Resolution of the Academic Senate of 09/22/2014.)

Internship administration

Then student could:

1.choose the internship from the available offers, consulting the internship offer bulletin board and apply by following the instructions


1 bis. identify an institution/company in witch carrying out the internship. In this case, an evaluation by the teacher chosen as the tutor is required (send institution name and activity via email).
Once that student has received a positive Professor opinion, the host company/institution must register and must be advised: and meet the company or institution tutor (referee of the structure) for an interview and for filling in the form

The form might be filled in and then approved by a professor-tutor of the course chosen

3.send the form to

Before the internship beginning the student and the company receive by mail from the job placement office the training project that has to be signed by student and company tutor and resend to for the university's signature.

Only at the end of this process can the internship begun.

The student:

  • with the company tutor/referent of the host organization fill in the internship booklet every day, indicating the entry and exit times and any intermediate breaks.

In the event of: interruption, change of location, change of the institution's tutor, the institution/company must send the internship change form at least 3 days in advance at the address:

The student:

  • send the completed and signed internship booklet and the internship report (short report about the experience) to
  • fill in the internship evaluation questionnaire found in Myunito – Job placement

The institution's tutor:

The registration of the internship credits will be visible in the following days in the career.

Internship offers

The regulation contains the general provisions for the organization and conduct of curricular internships promoted by the University of Turin and applies to curricular internships activated by the University, as part of its institutional activities, except in cases of internships regulated by specific regulations for which only compatible parts apply.

Consult the Regulations (Italian version)


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